Unloc Raises $1.25M to Develop Financial Solutions Around NFTs

Unloc is here to change how you view and use Solana NFTs. Having been avid NFT owners and investors ourselves, we noticed there was a significant need for additional financial solutions for Solana NFTs in general. We put our concepts together and started working on the first piece of the puzzle that we felt was missing within the ecosystem — collateralized NFT loans.

With that idea in mind, we started planning and forming the team in November 2021. Following that, we began developing and initiated our seed round at the start of 2022. To help us push development along, we scaled the team and started turning our concepts into reality.

We are happy to announce the closing of our fundraise, having raised $1.25M at a $15M valuation. Our seed round was led by Stratos Technologies, along with investments from:

  • Solana Ventures
  • Autonomy.Capital
  • Khosla Ventures
  • 3Commas Capital
  • BuidlHodl Capital
  • NXGen Capital

We’re proud to have been recognized and backed by such well-established investors with the ability to provide technical and operational value to help us in our journey. We want to thank our investors for joining us on our path of creating new financial solutions and utilities for Solana NFTs.

Here’s what our CEO, Maciej Tabert, had to say in regards to officially starting all these amazing partnerships:

We’d like to thank all the investors for their support and faith in our team and vision. We are looking forward to working together in the upcoming months. It’s very important for us to be partnered with investors that share the same values and work ethic as we do. This was our main goal, to attract the strongest and best-fitted contributors in the space to support us in this exciting journey. WAGMI!

-Maciej Tabert, CEO and Founder of Unloc

In order to present our new partners to the community, we asked our investors for a few words about what they are looking forward to.

Stratos Technologies:

We’re very excited about our investment in Unloc — we see NFTs as a whole as having the potential to be as big, if not bigger, than fungible tokens over the long term. Bigger or not, one thing is true — NFTs will require some of the same financial primitives as fungible tokens, including a collateralized lending and borrowing market. As seed investors in Compound and founding team member of Goldfinch, we’re familiar with the approach that’s necessary to create otherwise novel functionality, and we think that Unloc has the right approach and right team to pull it off.

-Rennick Palley, Founding Partner


At Autonomy.Capital we are excited to be backing Unloc. I first met
Maciej in Lisbon, at the Solana Breakpoint event, and after our
initial conversations I knew he was building something special. He and
his team are very passionate about web3 and the Solana ecosystem.
Unloc gives NFT owners the chance to monetise and have benefit of real
liquidity from owning NFTs without relinquishing their ownership.
Innovative methods like these for gaining liquidity and earning from
NFTs will no doubt become more popular as ownership of NFTs extends
into the $billions along with the market cap for the entire crypto

-Ameer Ali, Partner

BuidlHodl Capital:

We believe in the evolution of NFTs from a SOV (store of value) to a product asset, with that naturally comes the integration of DeFi into NFT protocols. As it stands, the total floor value of the top 100 NFT projects on solana is over $550m and we believe Unloc is the first step in unlocking this value. We hold high conviction in the performance of the NFT market in the long run and Unloc is a key player in that future. As hodlers of projects like Shadowy Super Coder, Solana Monkey Business and Degen Ape Academy, we are looking forward to participating as liquidity providers on both sides of the market.

-Justin Lee, Founding Partner

Unloc’s short and long term vision

Unloc is all about unleashing the full potential of NFTs. We want to become a one-stop-shop where users can get more out of their NFTs while simultaneously retaining ownership over them.

In the first version of our product, we will achieve this by enabling NFT owners to get liquidity from their NFTs without having to sell them. This will be possible via our (soon to be released!) peer-to-peer borrowing and lending platform.

Our fundraise marks a start to the further development of our product portfolio and the growth of our team. We plan on hiring new people to help us get our products out as soon as possible, but also to continuously explore new features and ways to add additional value to your NFTs.

Escrow-less lending, instant access to liquidity, renting and licensing are just some of the things we will be looking into to provide you with even more utilities for your valuable NFT collections.

Stay tuned via our socials and you won’t miss a single update!

Unloc community and devnet launch

At Unloc, community comes first. With our devnet launch approaching, our early community members will be given an exclusive whitelist spot to experience Unloc first-hand. Everyone that helps us test Unloc at this stage will be rewarded with a generous retroactive airdrop when our token is live!

Join us on our socials and reserve your whitelist spot. We hold different events and giveaways on a weekly basis, so being an active Unloc community member means being able to get much more than just a whitelist spot. We promise there will be something for everyone!

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Unloc is a fully customizable NFTs-as-collateral loan platform, built on and backed by Solana.

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Unloc is a fully customizable NFTs-as-collateral loan platform, built on and backed by Solana.