Unloc Partners with BAXUS for a Custom Lending Platform

3 min readMay 11, 2023

Unloc is committed to shaping the future of NFT-collateralized lending by focusing on three core pillars: Blue Chip NFTs, 1/1 fine art, and real-world tokenized assets. This multi-faceted approach seeks to address various market needs and expand the possibilities of asset ownership, trading, and lending in the age of web3.

Unloc is proud to announce our strategic partnership with BAXUS!

We at Unloc are building the premier financial products and consumer services platform for NFT owners on Solana. Our first product launch is an NFT-collateralized loan platform for real-world-tokenized assets. Our fully customizable loan structure provides a first of its kind opportunity.

BAXUS is the brainchild of a whiskey trader and a software engineer. They have developed a secure marketplace for authenticating, storing, buying, and selling fine wine and spirits. At present, BAXUS has tokenized over $30M+ in bottles, casks, and barrels. These asset backed tokens (whiskey-NFTs) provide unbroken visibility over their lifetime, tracking provenance publicly. All tokens are backed 1:1 with a physically vaulted and insured bottle or cask that can be redeemed by the user at any time. Buying or selling bottles can now occur through a simple digital transaction, while the corresponding real bottles remain safe in their vault.

And borrowing and lending against this asset class, fine spirits, with decades of historical price data, has literally never been easier.

This collaboration will enable BAXUS’ whiskey enthusiasts and investors alike to access the innovative concept of DeFi-based, whiskey-backed loans — unlocking new opportunities for wealth creation and diversification.

Through our partnership, Unloc will leverage our expertise in decentralized finance to create a seamless lending platform, allowing BAXUS users to borrow against the value of their whiskey tokens. This groundbreaking approach empowers NFT holders to unlock the value of their digital assets, forgoing the need to sell. Ultimately, offering our customers a new way to leverage their investments in the rapidly growing whiskey and NFT markets.

Unloc’s Co-Founder, Maurice Chalfin, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with BAXUS to offer this cutting-edge lending solution to their users. With our aligned visions for the future of NFT ownership, we believe we are breaking new ground by combining the worlds of real-world-tokenized assets, in this case whiskey, with DeFi, providing our customers with an unprecedented investment experience.”

Todd Wiesel, CEO of BAXUS, added: “Our partnership with Unloc reinforces our commitment to innovation in the whiskey and NFT markets. We are excited to offer our users the opportunity to leverage their whiskey-backed NFTs, unlocking new possibilities for wealth creation.”

The collaboration between Unloc and BAXUS is a testament to decentralized finance and blockchain technology’s ability to transform traditional industries. As we innovate collectively and continue to push boundaries, the future of whiskey investments and digital NFT-collateralized lending is undoubtedly bright.

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