Unloc Devnet 2.0 is Live!

Test our dApp to earn your $UNLOC Airdrop & further rewards.

3 min readFeb 22, 2023

Today we’re happy to announce Unloc Devnet 2.0 is Live! This will be our last round of community testing before our imminent launch to Mainnet.

Unloc the full potential of your NFTs.

Unloc aims to be the premier financial products and consumer services platform for NFT owners on Solana: our first dApp addresses the illiquidity issue around NFT ownership. We’ve built a fully customizable, peer-to-peer NFT-collateralized loans platform with a token reward structure & voting mechanism. The major updates we’ve implemented since Devnet 1.0:

  • Improved our website’s visual UI
  • Made original smart contracts more robust
  • Made the entire loan process escrowless
  • Added Token Rewards: when engaged in a loan on Unloc, users earn $UNLOC rewards for the duration of the loan. (Possibly other tokens as well! 😏)
  • Added Token Staking: when $UNLOC is staked on our platform, account profiles are assigned an Unloc Score, based on the number of tokens staked and the duration they are locked up. The higher the Unloc score, the more voting power an account has.
  • Instated our Voting Mechanism: weekly votes will be held on the platform to determine the number of token rewards that each listed collection can earn when it is engaged in a loan. Accounts can split votes across multiple NFT collections.

We’ve been hard at work finalizing Devnet 2.0 of our dApp, and are finally ready to re-introduce Unloc to the entire Solana community!

How do you get to test Devnet?!

  • Join our Discord for full instructions!
  • We want to limit the number of spammers and fake entries by making it a bit harder to earn the WL. And to be fair, we want to grow our community too.

Test Unloc Devnet 2.0 to Earn an Airdrop & Rewards!

Join us on Discord to get whitelisted for Unloc Devnet 2.0.

We’d love for you to test the product yourself and help shape its future.

To say thanks, we’ll be rewarding all Devnet participants with a retroactive airdrop and the ability to earn more rewards by participating in bug bounties, providing valuable feedback, and inviting friends.

Our Twitter, Discord, and Medium serve as our primary communication channels and are excellent sources of information. We welcome any feedback or questions related to our current offerings and development. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly!




Fully customizable NFT-collateralized loans platform 🔑 built on and backed by Solana.