The #Keyholder Program

Wait, but first, what is Unloc?

Unloc is a fully customizable NFT-collateralized loans platform, built on and backed by Solana. Borrowers using Unloc can set their own terms, access the best loan-to-value ratio for their NFTs by setting their own loan amount, set multiple sub-offers to find lenders quickly, and select SOL or USDC as the loan currency. Lenders can find the perfect terms for their risk profiles, while borrowers are empowered to unlock the full potential of their NFTs. Unloc will be escrowless, allowing borrowers to keep the NFT in their wallet, so borrowers can still access their DAO Discords or receive airdrops, for example. Because Unloc allows the borrower to set their own loan amounts, the days of floor-prices dictating the highest loan amount for your NFT are gone.

This also means you can hopefully say goodbye to needing to sell your NFT at or below floor price in order to access liquidity quickly. Unloc offers similar financial benefits to NFT owners, as owning property in the real world. As a DeFi-native protocol, Unloc will have a unique utility token, appropriately named $UNLOC. Both borrowers & lenders earn $UNLOC simply by engaging in a loan contract, “mining” tokens for the duration of the time the loan is active (not-repaid). A developing Unloc Score based on staking amount & duration on the Unloc platform will determine voting power for votes on token emission structures & listing future collections. Token emissions for listed collections will be determined by vote.

The Keyholder Program 🔑

Unloc’s mission is to maximize the value of NFT ownership without needing to sell the asset — Does this excite you? Does having a hand in crafting one of Solana’s premier DeFi protocols sound like your type of fun? Want to get the alpha on Unloc before everyone else? If you answered yes to any of these questions, apply to be a Keyholder!

The purpose of the Keyholder Program is for Unloc to empower its community to be brand ambassadors & power users while extending our messaging, to build more brand awareness. We believe in grassroots efforts, promoting from within, and want our communication & outreach efforts to be hinged on our community itself. We want to build relationships & partnerships with people who believe in the Unloc mission, ethos, products, and services.


…are Unloc Brand Ambassadors, they positively represent Unloc through communicating in the ecosystem, sharing or creating content, writing testimonials or reviews, engaging on social media (Twitter, Reddit, TG, Discord, etc.) and in their networks (word of mouth), and contributing value that extends awareness organically.

Why Ambassadors and not KOLs?

Generally speaking, influencers/KOLs are paid (or in some cases, they take allocation in the projects they work with. i.e. they invest their own money into a project they will promote) and the relationship is transactional in nature. Unloc, generally speaking, is avoiding paid promotion. Ambassadors are the power user who has a more personal connection to the product, brand, concept, or solution the company is providing for the Ambassador. Ambassadors want nothing more than to promote Unloc for the love of the product, service, and community.

What Kind of Ambassadors Do We Want?

Community Members– this is the model Unloc is pursuing, incentivizing our community to promote and engage IRL.

Our Network — Every network partner, affiliate, investor, family, etc is considered & treated as an ambassador if they want the role!

Micro-KOLs” — followings of <10k on social media sites — smaller more engaged followings are more valuable to us than professional influencers. Micro-KOLs have REAL friends and family as followers.


  • Provide more value to the community at large!
  • Helping Unloc tailor our community giveaways and events.
  • Bigger brand impact on a shorter time horizon — network effect.
  • Improve social media engagement/impression
  • Extend network


  • Beta access, testing — devnet access, future
  • Merch / Swag
  • Bounty Rewards
  • Alpha — be the first to know about product releases, updates, partnerships, collaborations, and integrations. Get a leg up on potential market changes & a jump on creating content.
  • Input — an opportunity to have a positive impact on the development of a product they have a personal connection with; every ambassador will be an actual Unloc user. This is an opportunity to be hands-on with a Web3 project.
  • Social Growth — if you are a micro-KOL, working on social influence, we can work with you on co-marketing while also providing feedback on their work.
  • Mentorship — Unloc wants to hire from within, and elevate those already within our ranks — so we will work with Keyholders who excel and show dedication to their work. We will do our best to elevate every individual who shines brightly, with the potential for career development and job opportunities.

Want to become a Keyholder?

We’d love to have you, join us on Discord @ to apply.

For now, applications are open!

In the meantime: UNLOC LINKS 🔗




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Unloc is a fully customizable NFTs-as-collateral loan platform, built on and backed by Solana.