Introducing Unloc — NFTs are about to become way cooler.

3 min readFeb 9, 2022


From Dassi to Unloc

Even though we’re a new project, some of you may have already heard of us under the name Dassi Finance. Having won 1st place in the Solana #BuildingOutLoud Hackathon of 2021, we have been keeping busy with improvements and we have identified a problem for which we can apply our knowledge and help build innovative new solutions that will benefit the greater Solana community. We are now here to introduce change!

Unloc — it’s in the name

During the summer of 2021, NFTs took the Solana ecosystem by storm. With the growing importance of NFTs, it got us thinking — it feels fantastic to get extra utility from the assets you own, be it extra permissions on the project that you got the NFT from or perhaps DAO access. However, if you want to use your NFTs in any financial way, you are still only limited to buying or selling.

So, what if we could change that paradigm? What if we could unlock the extra potential of those NFTs? Or better yet, what if we could Unloc it?

When we say Unloc, that is precisely what we mean. Unloc will enable you to put your NFTs to work by giving you more options for earning beyond just buying or selling, while still allowing you to preserve the ownership of your NFT assets.

Early adopters

At Unloc, we value our community and we’re committed to making it part of our journey. We’re fans of NFTs, we love innovation and we’re positively hyped to have you on board and to build exciting new things together. As an early adopter, you will get special benefits — the status, the early insider info, the personal touch of getting to know the team and be there for early releases, early perks and most importantly — PRIORITY STATUS FOR REWARDS AND FREE STUFF!

More to come

We have recently expanded our team and we are currently working around the clock to push the MVP out as soon as possible.

There will be plenty of events happening over the next few weeks and, more importantly, plenty of rewards for the early adopters in our community. Make sure you drop by our Discord and Twitter if you haven’t already so you don’t miss any of the announcements.

Join us on our journey to Unloc the full power of your NFTs!

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