How To Use Unloc; Baxus Edition

5 min readMay 8, 2023


Unloc is on its way to becoming the premier financial products and consumer services platform for NFT owners on Solana. Our platform is applicable toward a wide variety of NFTs, and we proudly developed a custom UI for BAXUS, a marketplace tokenizing, authenticating, and custodying the world’s finest wines & spirits. We believe in real world tokenized assets as an asset class and feel aligned in our visions for the future of DeFi and NFTs. Given our shared alignment, we believe that this first-of-its-kind use case would not have been possible with any other partner or platform.

Please find our step-by-step walkthrough of how to use for borrowing and lending against BAXUS’ asset-backed tokens. All tokens (whiskey-NFT) issued by BAXUS are backed 1:1 with a physically vaulted and insured bottle or cask of wine & spirits that can be redeemed at any time.

Lend Page (Home Page)

When first navigating to the app, user’s will land on the Lend page, where active and available Loan Offers can be found. There are slider scales for easy filtration by Loan Amount, APY, and Duration of Loan in Days:

Select your Solana wallet via the button in the upper right corner to connect to the Unloc dApp:

The purple briefcase icons represent your Loan Offers.

Interested in uncovering more information on any of the bottles or casks, available for loans? Select the individual asset card and it will navigate to the following information, along with all the Active Offers available for that asset:

Interested in lending USDC? Select Lend USDC on any of the asset cards, and select Confirm to prompt the user’s wallet to approve the transaction:


My Offers is where users can “freeze” their tokens to create a loan offer. Unloc is escrow-less, so the token stays in a wallet but is frozen while on offer for a loan or while engaged in a loan. This means the tokens cannot be sold or redeemed while a loan is outstanding. There are two buttons which will allow users to Add Collateral:

When clicked, Add Collateral will pull up the user’s BAXUS whiskey-NFT that are enabled for loans.

To select the bottle or cask, the user wishes to to lend against, they will select Use as collateral and be prompted to confirm the transaction in their wallet:

Once their BAXUS whiskey-NFT is added as collateral on the Borrow screen, they can press Create Offer to create a loan offer:

Borrowers set the terms of their loans themselves: select the USDC dollar value, loan duration, and APR (interest rate). Once terms are determined, select Create for the confirmation prompt:

The user will be prompted to review the transaction. Select Confirm via your wallet prompt, or edit the terms if to make a revision, and complete the aforementioned steps.

At this point the Loan Offer is active, and viewable on the Lending page as an active offer.

Pictured below are two active offers for one BAXUS whiskey-NFT. To allow lenders to choose terms that match their risk profiles and to help the user find lenders in a more timely manner, each BAXUS whiskey-NFT can have up to 3 active offers. An additional offer can be added by selecting the Add Sub-Offer button:

On the My Loans page, users can view all your active Loans. My Borrow Portfolio are active loans where users have borrowed USDC. My Lending Portfolio displays active loans where users have lent out USDC. Pictured below is an active loan for repayment, two loans where the user defaulted and failed to repay in time, and two loans where the user lent USDC and the borrower failed to repay on time. Those two defaulted NFTs can then be calimed. Once the Claim NFT is confirmed in the user’s wallet, they would unfreeze the asset and send it to their connected wallet.

If you are interested in learning more about Unloc or Baxus and our visions for the future of NFT ownership, connect with us through the following links!

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Discord | Instagram

Website | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn




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