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6 min readOct 21, 2022

Originally published on 08/09/22 in DYOR with UNLOC by Maurice Chalfin

In our new series about strategic NFT evaluation and research, DYOR with UNLOC, we will showcase and spotlight the Solana ecosystem’s most prevalent, novel, coveted, and “necessary” tools & resources. Whether you have been trading NFTs since Crypto Kitties congested Ethereum, are a consummate degen, or just joined Discord & started minting on Solana last week, we hope to share resource-rich and insightful articles to bring more value and layers of understanding to our community, the whole Solana ecosystem!

If you are new to trading & investing in NFTs, then you may or may not be familiar with the term DYOR, which stands for Do Your Own Research. In the larger crypto/blockchain ecosystem, it is almost like a battle cry, a caveat, and words of wisdom bundled into one saying. You will see it plastered on Twitter day and night, used in crypto-academic papers, and across blockchain news sources around the globe. So it felt apt to use the term DYOR in a series all about research — the tools, the resources, the act, & the experience — in the NFT, DeFi, & blockchain space.

We felt it was appropriate to highlight one of the NFT ecosystem’s more novel and controversial tools first, NFT Inspect (nftinspect.xyz). “Learn more about NFTs on Twitter with just 1-click” — Inspect (most commonly referred to as NFT Inspect) is a chrome extension for Web3 social intelligence; built by 2 ex-FAANG engineers, the NFT Inspect tech uses AI to automatically detect NFTs in user profile pictures (PFPs) and their communities on Twitter. Additional information about NFT communities & traders is viewable while browsing Twitter, a major value add for Web3 participants researching NFTs as Twitter is one of the ecosystem’s core resources.

NFT Inspect homepage

When the chrome extension is installed, if a user has an NFT as their PFP (or if an NFT image is posted in a Tweet), Inspect places a Solana (or Ethereum) logo on the lower right-hand corner of their PFP icon, which when clicked pops up info on attributes, sales, when it was minted, rarity, the project’s description, collection size, floor prices & much more — all directly over your feed, avoiding historic task switching in the “traditional” twitter-research workflow.

👆LH SIDE: logo in the PFP on your timeline // 👆RH SIDE: the in-feed pop out with collection information

Research everything from influencoors, fresh mints, giveaways, newly listed collections, the latest gossip people are talking about, and obviously, you can see how much the NFTs are worth. To take it one layer deeper on the community level (& after all, Web3 is all about community), NFT Inspect enables users to see all the people who are using specific NFTs as their PFPs from a certain collection. These users with NFT PFPs are ranked by reach within those communities, and from this same pop-out page, you can follow any holder from that collection, the project development team or those highly influential Tweetors. Many projects are using NFT Inspect for contests and giveaways, running competitions around utilizing that specific project’s PFPs:

Our frens Project Serum used NFT Inspect for a SurferDAO giveaway

As Inspect ranks collections with more metrics on their website, you can obviously do more in-depth research (higher level DYOR) with more data points. And if you are curious, this is how Community Rankings (Collection Ranking) are calculated.

One phenomenon that has resulted from the introduction of NFT Inspect into the Crypto-Twitter (CT) space is individuals fighting to clime Inspect’s Global Reach & Influence Rankings. You can find some of the Solana ecosystem’s most noteworthy names atop the Global Reach Ranking, with influence rank not directly dictating reach, the algorithm the Inspect team uses for both Global Rank & Influence rank is constantly being updated, and the Influence rank algorithm is modeled after Google’s famous PageRank.

These days you can see a large swath of individuals, especially those vying for our attention, on your timeline speaking about their Inspect rank, climbing the ranks, dropping ranks, hypothesizing how to get up in the standings, shitposting memes about NFT Inspect ranks, & the list goes on:

Rank Talk.

Influencers also run the occasional NFT Inspect experiment:

A few other cool features we didn’t dig deeper into are the Upcoming Mints and Twitter NFT Search engine — the former is your not-so-usual mint calendar with a variety of extra data points and the search engine is a way to search Twitter for instances where NFTs were used — not necessarily in profile pictures but in posts & comments.

Furthermore, the Twitter NFT Search engine allows you to search by your Ethereum or Solana wallet addresses — shedding light on whether someone else is using your PFP as their own or to simply see how many tweet mentions include an NFT from that wallet address. NFT Inspect is also utilized as a validation tool against imposters, clout chasers, and of course scammers:

NFT Inspect is a very robust tool that is multi-faceted by nature and continues to get updated; between the website and web extension that literally transforms your timeline on Twitter into a DYOR machine, NFT Inspect is an undeniably relevant tool for those just beginning to learn & research NFTs, to the die-hard degen, & the professional trader/investor.

We’re building this for our community & the broader Solana NFT, DeFi, & Web3 space — so we need to hear from you! We plan to release these articles weekly or bi-weekly moving forward, to keep you up to date with the latest research, tech, & tools to help your DYOR like an absolute pro. Did we miss something? Did you like this article? Want to see more? Let us know!

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