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8 min readOct 21, 2022

Originally published on 08/09/22 in DYOR with UNLOC by Maurice Chalfin

A deep dive into the HelloMoon.io platform

Data in Web3 can at times be overwhelming; the sheer amount of news, updates, projects, launches, “alpha”, and noise can bog down new and veteran ecosystem participants alike. The environment around the translation, aggregation, and dispersion of all this Web3 data, on & off-chain, is also constantly evolving. In the third installment of our series on strategic NFT evaluation and research, DYOR with UNLOC, we’ll be highlighting one of the Solana ecosystem’s most novel data analytics, data exploration, & social listening platforms rolled into one; Hello Moon.

No Twitter Bio!

Without a Twitter bio, no specific tagline, and not even an “About” section on the website — only Discord server links — Hello Moon is a somewhat secretive member of the Solana DeFi & NFT scene, providing a lot of free “DYOR” tools without directly communicating just what it is that they do.

We first discovered Hello Moon on our Twitter feeds, and immediately navigated to the hellomoon.io URL, which automatically redirects to hellomoon.io/nfts — is this a subliminal message? When first visiting their website, on view are 4 main columns of information: Smart Money Inflow, Top Social Buying, Top Movers, & Smart Money Outflow.

The “Smart Money Inflow” & “Smart Money Outflow” are true to their namesakes and communicate what highly profitable wallets have been trading (buying or selling) for the last week or day, depending on the toggled filter. “Top Social Buying” refers to what Twitter accounts have been buying, while “Top Movers” is possibly the most obvious metric here being which projects had their floor prices (FP) increase the most. Per the Hello Moon Discord, there is a minimum threshold of volume that is necessary to meet for a collection to be highlighted in the Top Movers section.

As you scroll down the homepage, “Top Solana NFT Projects” & “NFT Ecosystem Analysis” will come into view. Within this section of the homepage, you will find the top 20 projects on Solana ranked via Volume (by default). There are many of the standard project level details like average price, last 24hr volume, FP, market cap, and so on, with the inclusion of another column dedicated to smart money inflow & outflow communicated with the green and red bars. You can organize any of this data by whichever category you are researching at the time.

With y00ts incoming, we decided to use the DeGods collection as our example collection.

There is in-depth project-level data as well, viewable if you click on any of the listed “Top Solana NFT Projects” or use their searchbar in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Once clicked, from the Project Overview page, you can see a Trading View (TV) integrated bar chart with historical & real-time trade data, plus a social buying column with the associated Twitter accounts on the right hand side. A recent update added a new Social Activity tab as well as other social listening metrics, included in the Project Overview along with “Ownership Overlap”, “Floor Price and Notable Activity”, and the “Average Wealth” of holders.

Ownership overlap shows which NFT projects (or communities) have a high number of mutual owners. “Floor Price and Notable Activity” is a floor price tracker with Twitter-specific FP purchases superimposed on the graph. And a more novel metric is the “Average Wealth” table, which shows the average underlying wallet balance by SPL (Solana Program Library) tokens for that collection’s holders, something the ⓘ button attached to the graph goes into some detail to explain. As a matter of fact, the website is littered with ⓘ buttons, all of which pop up detailed explanations of the associated table or graph.

If you are doing active research and want to toggle back to any project, you can easily ⭐ it to add to your Watchlist. A Hello Moon proclaimed Pro Tip (found in their Discord): you can highlight large social activity movement by typing Ctrl F or Cmd F (PC vs Mac) and searching for a comma to view accounts with over 1k followers.

From project pages via a mid-screen menu users can access: Social Activity, Top Owners, Wash Trading, & Detailed Stats. The Top Owners section shows the wallet addresses & social accounts for the largest holders of that specific collection, in this case we’re using the DeGods for our example. The “Wallet Label” column has Hello Moon designated tags like the pictured “Pinnacle NFT Count” & “SOL Whale” — which correlate with the volume of NFTs for those wallets. But there are several tags we found like “Epic SOL Whale” & “Epic NFT Count” which we can only assume are labeled for the number of NFTs held in those wallets, but there are also tags like “Small SOL Balance” & “Frequent NFT Trader” — leading us to believe there are newly-developing tags for more iterations on filtering & aggregating social metrics.

The Detailed Stats section of the Project Page’s have in-depth & bespoke on-chain data sets. Data sets ranging from the Average Price in SOL, to Hold Duration, to Unique Owners, & Unique Active Wallets plus more are all available for your DYOR needs. Each graph or chart can be clicked to zoom in for digging deeper into the data.

Most of the same social categories & metrics are available under the Social menu tab towards the top of the screen to view these data points for the entire Solana ecosystem’s Social Activity.

Biggest Whales are social accounts correlated with the largest Portfolio Value (PV) holdings, Top Traders correlate with the most profitable actively trading social accounts by PV, Most Followed are the largest following to PV ratio social accounts, & Recent Wash Trades are supposed wash trades according to Hello Moon’s on-chain analysis. Wash trading, if you are not familiar, is purposefully engaging in trades (buying or selling) to expressly produce false market data and in effect mislead market participants — this can be either a lone individual or a group colluding together. Wash trading data can be found on the Project Overview pages as well as through the main Social tab in the top menu.

The DeFi tab brings us to the Solana DeFi homepage — showcasing all the same metrics as the NFTs homepage. Project logos pop out when you hover over them, a really awesome UX feature! If you click on the logo in the column underneath Top DeFi Coins (or the line in the table) you are brought to that token’s Trade tab, where there is a Trading View chart, Social Activity, & in-depth metrics tailored for Solana DeFi.

You can also swap tokens via a Jupiter Exchange integration — our go-to exchange with the best rates in the ecosystem. Once navigated to this page, it is easy to swap any token by using the drop down menu. In the above picture, circled in yellow, there is also a 🔽 which opens up to allow you to exchange almost any token on the Solana blockchain.

The Watchlist tab & Portfolio tab are your personal “dashboards” within the Hello Moon platform. The Watchlist tab is pretty self-explanatory & shows some at a glance metrics for the starred collection. In the Portfolio tab (pictured above) users can track their own wallet portfolio value(s), check on their Profit & Loss (PnL) & Internal Rate of Return (IRR), as well as acquisition dates, purchase prices, & current estimated value. The datasets are useful for active traders and the UX is smooth making it a seamless experience. We did notice that their analytics can’t necessarily track the PnL of an NFT that you purchased with another wallet or purchases from Form Function or Exchange Art. On Solana’s foremost 1/1 marketplaces, Formfunction.xyz & Exchange.art, the platforms escrow your funds when you bid on a piece, and only once the auction ends & a winner is determined, is the NFT then transferred to the winner & the escrowed funds are sent to the Artist or Creator.

If you toggle to the “NFT Ecosystem Analysis” tab, there is a bevy of metrics and data to analyze ranging from the number of daily mints happening on Solana to the number of unique owners with more than 1 NFT, to the number of wallets transacting with NFTs on a daily basis and marketplace volumes. Most of the same metrics are also available for single collections via their project pages, under the “Detailed Stats” tab. The Solana tab shows ecosystem-wide data analytics for the whole Solana blockchain, ranging from daily first signers, to average SOL transferred, to daily active users, and several more datasets to analyze.

After our hands-on experience with Hello Moon, we’re comfortable labeling it as a (pseudo) data analytics & social listening platform, currently targeting the Solana NFT ecosystem — and specifically active traders and investors. Utilizing the platform in full does requires some foundational understanding of markets, metrics, & trading/investing knowledge, but they do reduce barriers to entry with their ⓘ buttons. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say Hello Moon does really know NFT trading, its apparent through the bespoke metrics they’re developing, the well-organized ⓘ buttons, the cryptic and stealth release of updates coupled with the lack of publicized information, and the UI/UX of the platform itself, all lend to the Solana NFT trader and degen. Whatever your trade strategies may be or if you are working to develop your own, the Hello Moon data sets, social listening tools, & bespoke analytics provide a robust set of tools to DYOR.

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